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SimCrest E-Bank Reconciliation

Download the statement from your bank and let this product automatically reconcile the statement for you! This product allows you to reconcile your bank electronically by downloading the bank statements from your bank and importing them into Dynamics NAV. After the import the product will attempt to reconcile your Books with the Bank. The product provides an easy interface to allow you to resolve reconciliation conflicts.

The overall idea of the product is to save you a lot of time reconciling your bank. Some companies have several check entries in one month and reconciling them using the standard functionality is very time consuming and tedious. The product will reconcile everything that match and only leave the entries that don't match left for you to manually reconcile.

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SimCrest Positive Pay

SimCrest Positive Pay for Dynamics NAV is part of our very popular E-bank reconciliation add-on. It allows you to set up Positive Pay for any bank account inside Dynamics NAV. It will let you define the format of the file that needs to be exported to the bank without the involvement of a developer. You simply set it up right on the bank account. See below for a screenshot of the setup page.

As you start to issue and void checks in Dynamics NAV, the add-on will capture check information that needs to be sent to the bank. At the end of the day (or as often as you want) you can export the file to the bank and Dynamics NAV will make sure you don’t accidentally create the same file twice. At any time you can see what check entries have been exported.

SimCrest Positive Pay takes the hassle out of providing your bank a positive pay file on a regular basis to insure that the checks you issue are the only checks the bank will accept.


SimCrest Product Configurator

The Product Configurator is a fully integrated rule based Configurator inside Dynamics NAV. This product allows you to assist your sales department in configuring the right solution for your clients.

Sales Configuration

This will allow your sales people to configure products that will not need to be manufactured. The system will go through a questionnaire and at the end it will suggest the sales lines on the sales document. The system supports all sales documents (Sales Quotes, Sales Orders and Sales Invoices).

Sales Configuration will allow assignment of both items and resources.

The Sales Configuration can also be used to generate a MTO Production Project Order in the Manufacturing application area using the normal planning function.

Production Configuration

The sales person will enter a product from the item file on the sales document. After the item has been entered the Product Configurator is launched. It will also go through a questionnaire but instead of creating sales lines it will create a customized production order with the configured items. This means that the production bill of material and routing would be individual for this sales document.

The system supports setting up configurations for as many manufactured item as you want. The system will use pre defined rules to determine the components and routings needed on the customized production order. The use of Variant codes can are also supported.

Kitting Configuration (NAV 5.0 and later only)

The sales person will enter a product from the item file on the sales document. After the item has been entered the Product Configurator is launched. It will also go through a questionnaire but instead of creating sales lines it will create a customized Kit sales line with the configured items. This means that the Kitting bill of material would be individual for this sales document.

The system supports setting up configurations for as many kitted items as you want. The system will use pre defined rules to determine the components needed on the customized kitting order. The use of Variant codes can are also supported.

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SimCrest Credit Card Management

SimCrest Credit Card Management enables you to receive credit card payments directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There is no need for an external terminal anymore. The solution captures funds and posts automatically in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. All handling of the credit card is done in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and payments can be automatically posted in the system. It also handles authorization and capturing either combined or separately.

SimCrest Credit Card Management is a PCI-compliant solution that meets the information security guidelines defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The solution complies with the PCI standards regarding storing, encrypting, and transmitting the transaction data. Credit card numbers are encrypted and display only the last 4 digits in Dynamics NAV. Card Verification values are no longer stored.

The solution supports Authorize.NET, LinkPoint, FirstData, Moneris, NOVA's My Virtual Merchant, PayPal Payflow Pro, SkipJack, USA ePay, YourPay and more!  and can accept credit card payments and credits on:

  • Sales Order
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Sales Journal
  • Stand Alone (not attached to any document)

How it works?

When you want to receive a credit card payment after entering an order, select the Credit Card menu and you will be able to enter the credit card information, enter Card Verification Value (CVV2), and change the address to match the card. After submitting the request, the system will send it over the Internet and Authorize and/or Capture the funds according to your request. The system will respond back to you with any problems that may occur (i.e. invalid credit card number). Everything is handled inside the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and no external terminal is required.

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How to get started?

Choose your preferred merchant service providers from our list of supported payment gateways or you can choose our partners to process the credit card payments.

We provide you with an easy, secure method to process credit cards with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system through partnership with Authorize.Net and e-onlinedata. Authorize.Net and e-onlinedata are industry leaders in merchant services specializing in e-commerce solutions.

Follow these steps:

1) Order the SimCrest Credit card Add-on.

2) Click here to sign up for a merchant account

3) Install The SimCrest Add-on by using the easy to follow documentation included.

4) Start processing Credit Cards from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV system 


SimCrest Cash Basis Accounting

Cash Basis Accounting enables your Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV to calculate your accounts on a cash basis, which means revenues and expenses are recorded in the period they are actually received or expended in cash. Cash Basis and Accrual Basis differ in the manner in which they deal with the issue of when to recognize revenues and expenses. The Cash Basis focus, as its name implies, is on the flow of cash. That is to say, whenever cash is collected, revenue is recognized as having been earned. A similar basis for the recognition of expenses is used, namely whenever cash is disbursed the related expense is recognized as having been incurred.

Dynamics™ NAV ordinarily only calculates the accounts on an accrual basis. With this product you will be able to do both. Cash Basis Accounting is extremely easy to use and financial reports can be created using the Account Schedule granule in Dynamics™ NAV 2018 or earlier.

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SimCrest Auto Email

SimCrest Auto Email allows you to enhance your workflow and email Invoices or any other document from Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically. This product enables the system to automatically send document via email as part of any workflow in Dynamics NAV. Currently the email documents supported are:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Credit Memo
  • Customer Statement
  • Short-Paid Notice for Invoice
  • Non-Paid Notice for Invoice
  • Collection Notice with Customer Statement and all past due documents attached

Auto Email will send the request to send the email to a queue that will then handle creating the PDF, the email message and send it out. This instantly releases the user to do other task while the emails are being processed.


SimCrest Enhanced InterCompany for NAV

SimCrest enhanced intercompany for NAV allows a user to enter an intercompany transaction in a single company and create complete, balancing transactions in two or more companies upon posting. SimCrest intercompany functionality automatically creates the due-to and due-from entries in each company eliminating the need for an intercompany inbox and outbox like you need to use the standard Intercompany functionality that comes with Dynamics NAV. When a user with the appropriate permissions posts an intercompany transaction in one company the corresponding intercompany entries for all companies are created and posted simultaneously.

The General Journal below is a simple example of expense being transferred from one company to another. In this example the first journal line has the field “IC Company Name” populated which defines it as an intercompany line and will result in the transfer of $500 to the company CRONUS USA, Inc. account 64200. The second journal line defines where the cost will be transferred from in the company the user is posting in (the “from” company).

The posted entry in the “from” or originating company is shown below. The “to” or destination company is shown. The due-from account (13340) is also shown. This side of the transaction was auto-created from intercompany setup information.

The posted entry in the “to” or destination company is shown below. The entry in the destination company shows both the “to” and the “from” company names. The due-from entry was auto-created in the destination company from intercompany setup information. See below for more information on the intercompany setup.

InterCompany Setup allows for user-defined setup of all due-to and due-from accounts. Each company can have a different Due-to and Due-from account for each company it has intercompany transactions with or they can be the same. In this example CRONUS II uses the same GL account for both Due-from and Due-to entries with Cronus USA, Inc. As you can see, both companies use the one account for all intercompany transactions; however, a more complex setup can also be accommodated.

SimCrest Intercompany is limited to companies that are contained within a single NAV database. G/L Account transactions are currently supported.

If you would like more information about SimCrest Enhanced InterCompany please don't hesitate to contact us.


SimCrest TestDB

Some companies have a test database set up to be able to test different scenarios or to test NAV modifications before importing the objects into a live database. Other companies have more than one company set up in a single database. In both of these situations, it is easy to accidentally perform live transactions in what you thought was a different company or database.

This product allows you to add a brightly-colored reminder in any company to serve as a constant reminder as to which company and database you are currently logged into.

The overall objective of the product is to save you from the headache of losing track of which company/database you are currently logged into. This is a common problem among users that are new to the test environment, as well as seasoned users that often access multiple companies and/or databases.


  • Know which company you are in by announcements with big bold letters and bright colors.
  • Takes the hassle out of forgetting what company you are in.
  • Automatically notifies you of which database you are in when you open it.
  • Great for customers with test companies as well as those with multiple companies.
  • There is almost no footprint in standard NAV.


SimCrest Recurring Invoicing

SimCrest Recurring Invoicing automatically generates invoices to your customers or from your vendors on a regular basis. Designed to save you valuable time, the add-on solution handles recurring invoicing for you, allowing you to easily keep track of expired or expiring agreements.

You can setup the Customer or Vendor, the Agreement Type, an amount, and a start date in the Agreement Card. When it comes to the renewal date on the Agreement Card, the system will automatically create new invoices for you.

With SimCrest Recurring Invoicing, you will not need to worry about providing services to customers (or from vendors) with expired or non-paid agreement because the system will wait until the invoice is paid to calculate the new renewal date.

Read factsheet for more information!


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