Commissions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

SimCrest Commissions streamlines the process of handling commissions for sales reps and external sales resources. Commissions are easily reconciled to the general ledger and the solution keeps detailed records of commissions for all sales documents and automatically posts commission expenses and keeps track of your accounts payable. Best of all, once it’s all set up, there is hardly anything else to do.

Features and Benefits:

  • Solution is fully integrated with the general ledger, including accounts payables.
  • Calculate commissions based on revenue or margin.
  • Commission splits for all documents including, sales orders, sales invoices, sales return orders and sales credit memos. Customers can have default splits that will be suggested when creating sales documents.
  • All commission transactions are registered into a commission ledger with easy one-click access to original sales documents, A/R ledger, and A/P ledger.
  • Maintain a comprehensive sliding commission scale that calculates commissions based on Item Group, Customer Group and Line Discount %.
  • All commissions are expensed as accounts payable entries with an option to put the entry on hold until the original sales document has been paid.
  • A separate commission journal makes it possible to make manual entries to the commission ledger and associate with existing commission entries to allow commission payouts to be based on cash receipt on sales documents.
  • Automatic cash application of cash to commission ledger and taking vendor ledgers off hold.
  • A separate commission journal that allows manual commission entries. If a journal entry is applied to an existing ledger entry, the system can cascade closing of entries through the application chain and take the vendor ledger off hold automatically for all involved entries.

SimCrest Commissions is easy to use and saves you a lot of time!

Commissions can be acquired as an App for Dynamics 365 Business Central On Premise only (no online version available).


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