Why to Have an Integrated ERP Solution as Your Company Grows

Allow me to introduce "ABC Distribution" a startup company that purchases goods overseas and distributes their products to retailers in the U.S. ABC has already secured a few customers and some good vendor contacts overseas. They are ready to start their business and grow fast! They start by purchasing a cheap entry-level accounting solution to get started. Now they can do all their purchasing and billing in one system. ABC is doing great, for now!

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The Risk of SaaS

Software-as-a-service or SaaS is a convenient way of outsourcing some or all of your IT infrastructure where someone else will host your software and you basically rent it on a monthly basis. If you like to know more about SaaS please refer to my article "What is Cloud Computing and How Can You Benefit From It?"

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7 Critical Project Management Processes for Project Success

We often get a lot of questions from customers when we include project management for our projects. They usually ask us “Is it necessary? Why do I need it?” and we find that most customers think project management is “just emails and a little bit of change control”. But actually, there is much more to project management than a few emails and change control.

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