Applying Demand Forecasting and Planning in Supply Chain Management

I wrote the other day about the need to be lean and agile to optimize operation and to be able to react to potential problems ahead of time. In order to be lean and agile you have to be able to plan and forecast your demand.

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How to Optimize Service Operations

Many service companies are struggling with very poor time registration and billing processes. I am always surprised when I hire someone to do a service job and it takes the company weeks and sometimes months to send me the invoice for the services rendered. My first thought is always that they must have enough cash flow to essentially finance my invoice for all the time it takes them to send it to me.

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How to Manage Your Warehouse Wisely?

Running a warehouse can be quite overwhelming. A lot of the time smaller warehouses are run completely manually, where everyone just knows where everything is. But when a warehouse reaches a certain size you need technology to help you getting complete visibility into every corner of the warehouse. The technology is called Warehouse Management Systems.

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Five Things to Look Out For When Businesses Go Mobile

Do you dream about running your business from the country club or the beach? Do you want your sales force to have all the contact information from your CRM system available and take orders on the go? Do you need your service techs or consultants to enter time on job as they do them? Well, you are most likely wanting a mobile solution that brings the necessary parts of your ERP system to a mobile device like an iPhone, BlackBerry, or other SmartPhone.

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How to Utilize Earned Value Management to Keep Project Time and Cost on Track

Earned Value Management (EVM) is a cornerstone of cost and schedule management for a project. It is used to determine how much value has been put into a project. This helps the project manager to report the progress of the project related to cost and schedule, so that adjustments can be made as needed to keep the project on track.

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Don't Let Your Project Fail Because of Scope Creep

Many projects fail for several reasons. One of the major reasons is “The Scope Creep”. First let me define what the scope creep is and how it can sneak in on a project. When a project is fist defined the scope is always a high-level scope as defined in the Project Charter and the Preliminary Scope Statement. The high-level scope is often accompanied by an Order of Magnitude Estimate of the cost that has a precision of -50% to 100% of the estimated cost.

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So, What is Scrum all About (Part 2)

Scrum resolves the three main issues with the waterfall model. Product is shipped eraly and often. Much less planning and much more doing and collaboration. Changes is expected and embraced.

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ERP Software Selection: Customizable versus Non-Customizable

Let me introduce you to ABC Distributors, a fictitious distribution company. They are currently using QuickBooks that has served them well for many years, but they have out grown the software and are now looking for a new ERP software package that will allow them to grow with the software in the future.

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Cost Management Knowledge Area

The cost of a project should be planned, quantified, and measured. The job of the project manager is to tie the cost to activites and resources, and build the estimates accordingly. Most projects start out with a high-level budget before we know the detailed costs. The project manager often gets a budget for the project. However, instead of blindly accepting the budget, the project manager needs to review the scope of the work and the duration estimates created in the Time Management knowledge area in order to come up with a realistic budget. Budgeting by working from the detailed level is called a bottom-up approach and is much easier than working from the top down. This article with cover all the areas needed to successfully manage the cost of the project.

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