SimCrest Enhanced InterCompany for NAV

SimCrest enhanced intercompany for NAV allows a user to enter an intercompany transaction in a single company and create complete, balancing transactions in two or more companies upon posting.

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How to export and import companies in Dynamics NAV 2015

If you have been working with the classic client, you would remember that you could backup and restore companies from one database to another or back into the existing company in order to create a test. When Microsoft released version 2013 the ability to backup and restore companies disappeared making it very difficult to export and import companies to a different database or to create a test company.

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How to make a Test Company in Dynamics NAV 2015

In NAV 2015 creating a copy of a company couldn’t be easier. It involves picking a company and tell NAV to make a copy. That’s it.

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Cash Flow Management in Dynamics NAV 2015

One of the exciting features of NAV 2015 is the cash flow management system. Until recently the only way you could build a cash flow statement was to use the account schedules and it would not take into consideration outstanding sales order, purchase orders, services orders, recurring income, and expenses etc. With the cash flow management system in NAV 2015 it is possible to take all NAV modules into consideration when calculating the cash flow forecasts.

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Average Cost Calculation Overview in Dynamics NAV

If you are working with inventory you know how difficult it can be to maintain a good average cost for your items. Purchase prices vary and depending on your costing method the cost of sold goods can be tough to determine. You also run into issues where the average cost changes (from data entry errors) so much that you have to investigate why. Costing audits are time consuming and tedious, but Dynamics NAV has a tool that gives you a great overview what happened to your average cost.

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Dashboards in Dynamics NAV 2015

With the introduction of Dynamics NAV 2015, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were also introduced. Instead of just the regular cues showing information like how many sales invoices were past due NAV 2015 will actually show real KPIs like Top 10 Customer Sales YTD, or Average Collections days. These indicators are also linked to charts with drill down capability. This allows you to set up a dashboard of KPIs, charts, and financial statements right on you Role Center.

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Dynamics NAV 2015 Tablet Version

In Dynamics NAV 2015 the tablet version was introduced. The tablet version allows you to access NAV using a tablet like an iPad, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus or a Samsung Galaxy Tab to mention just a few tablets

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Dynamics NAV Job Queue

If you are running Dynamics NAV already, did you know that there is a fantastic tool that allows you to automate recurring task allowing you to free up time to do more important things? NAV’s Job Queue can run reports and code at scheduled times during the day.

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What is Positive Pay?

Positive pay is a fraud protection tool offered by most banks. It offers companies a way to send a list of checks they issued to their bank, and the bank will in return only allow deposit of cashing of checks that are on the list.

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