Multi-Tenancy: what is it and how is it beneficial?

Version 2013 R2 introduces the concept of multitenancy to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is a principle in software architecture where a single application instance serves multiple client organizations (tenants). It differs from multiple-instance architectures where each client organizations has a separate application instance. Multitenancy is considered to be an important feature of cloud computing. It enables a maintainable and scalable application. The multitenancy architecture is a repeatable architecture, which exactly matches the goal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

John Stevens 11-13-2014 Read more

What is 3 Tier Architecture and Why Do You Need It?

Three-tier or multi-tier architecture is often used when describing how clients connect to database servers. But what does it all mean?

Carsten Howitz 04-29-2013 Read more


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