Thinking about being in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act?

If you are working with ERP software, management information systems, or accounting systems, you might have heard about Sarbanes-Oxley (also called SOX) and that certain companies have to be in compliance with SOX. But what does it mean to be SOX compliant? Is it something your company should worry about? Are there any benefits or downfalls to being SOX compliant? How do I make sure that my current ERP system can support SOX?

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Are You Backing Up Your ERP System?

It's time to call for back-up! Most businesses rely heavily on their ERP system and could never imagine what a total loss of data would result in. This nightmare can become a reality if you do not take the necessary precautions. One of the first things I talk about with a new customer is the importance of adequate backup procedures. When I ask them if they are backing up their ERP system they always say the same thing, “of course we are”. Most businesses actually have backup procedures where they rotate tapes and store some tapes off site. This is typically not the problem.

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Five Things to Look Out For When Businesses Go Mobile

Do you dream about running your business from the country club or the beach? Do you want your sales force to have all the contact information from your CRM system available and take orders on the go? Do you need your service techs or consultants to enter time on job as they do them? Well, you are most likely wanting a mobile solution that brings the necessary parts of your ERP system to a mobile device like an iPhone, BlackBerry, or other SmartPhone.

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ERP Software Selection: Customizable versus Non-Customizable

Let me introduce you to ABC Distributors, a fictitious distribution company. They are currently using QuickBooks that has served them well for many years, but they have out grown the software and are now looking for a new ERP software package that will allow them to grow with the software in the future.

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How to Optimize Service Operations

Many service companies are struggling with very poor time registration and billing processes. I am always surprised when I hire someone to do a service job and it takes the company weeks and sometimes months to send me the invoice for the services rendered. My first thought is always that they must have enough cash flow to essentially finance my invoice for all the time it takes them to send it to me.

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What Does Role-Based User Interface in ERP Software Mean to Your Work?

The buzzword these days in the ERP software industry is “Role Based”. If you open a brochure from any major ERP software vendor they all mention role based this and that and there are actually many advantages to role based user interfaces and hardly any drawbacks.

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Why to Email Invoices rather than Mailing Them and 4 Steps How to Implement It

Invoicing your customers is an important task. You want to make sure they receive the invoice at the time you provide the customer with the service or good, or shortly after. But are you still sending them via regular mail or are you considering emailing them? There are pros and cons with both methods, and I will go through some of the most important ones in this article.

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How to Know if You Need to Run Payroll In-house

Does it make sense to run payroll in-house or should you consider out-sourcing it? Well, it all depends. Most companies will be well off outsourcing it and saving the headache of running it in-house, while other companies may benefit from running it themselves. Read on to determine which method is better for you and your company.

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What is a Configurator and How Can it Help You?

Do you have salespeople that are building quotes containing many different options in the finished products? Are you often building custom products that require unique bill of materials (BOM's)? Do you want to control and limit your salesperson's ability to make the wrong decisions in the quoting proccess? If you can answer yes to any of the above questions you might need to consider getting a software configurator to help you.

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