What is a Configurator and How Can it Help You?

4/5/2012 Carsten Howitz ERP

Do you have salespeople that are building quotes containing many different options in the finished products? Are you often building custom products that require unique bill of materials(BOMs)? Do you want to control and limit your salesperson’s ability to make the wrong decisions in the quoting process?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions you might need to consider getting a software configurator to help you.

A configurator contains a questionnaire that will ask your salesperson a number of relevant questions to determine what is needed for the quote or BOM. Questions might be skipped based on how the salesperson answers them.

When the configurator is done it will generate a quote or BOM based on all the answers and attach the correct items in the correct sizes to the quote (or BOM).

The questions and answers are set up using rules that determine if a question should be asked and what answer options should be available for the user to select from. The configurator can also allow multiple choices, sizes, and custom text etc. as needed for each question.

Configurators can usually create new SKUs for each custom configuration or create custom BOMs for existing SKUs depending on the company’s individual requirements.

The benefit of using a configurator, is that you direct the user through a controlled environment and only allow the user to select valid options for the finished product. This way the user will not accidentally forget something or include products or services not needed for the final product.

If you like to know more about configurators and how it could work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV please click here.


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