How to Manage Your Warehouse Wisely?

1/28/2014 Carsten Howitz Distribution

Running a warehouse can be quite overwhelming. A lot of the time smaller warehouses are run completely manually, where everyone just knows where everything is. But when a warehouse reaches a certain size you need technology to help you getting complete visibility into every corner of the warehouse.

The technology is called Warehouse Management Systems or simply WMS. It not only gives the visibility needed, but also supports and automates receipts, put-aways, picking and shipping.

Still 85% of all warehouses in the US have yet to introduce systems to run their warehouses. So one question that comes up is: When should you consider getting systems in place for your warehouse?

I always say that the rule of thumb is that if you have more than 100,000 sqft of warehouse space and more than 100 skus, you should consider computerizing your warehouse.

Then, if you do have the need, you may ask another question: How can I implement the Warehouse Management System successfully? I encourge you to read this article I wrote Warehouse Management Systems to know more about the roadblocks a warehouse manager may face when implementing WMS. Leave a comment if you have any questions.


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