What's New in Dynamics NAV 2017

11/1/2016 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

What’s New in Dynamics NAV 2017?

NAV 2017 introduces a lot of new features and also improvements of existing features that were new in NAV 2016. Below please find a brief explanation of most of the new and improved features of NAV 2017.

Email Cover Letters

You can create beautiful, professional-looking email cover-letter templates that include images and invoice information, such as totals, due dates, and payment terms, to use when sending emails to customers.

The cover letters are created using the RDLC or Microsoft Word report layout customization features, providing visual consistency with any attached PDF documents.


  • Attractive, accurate communication. Create visually-pleasing email messages that include invoice information, which are directly available and readable on any device, without opening any attachments.
  • Consistent Messaging. Use company-wide templates to ensure consistent, professional email messaging to your customers, regardless of who sends the message, or the device used.
  • Flexible. Create multiple layouts for different customers or to support different contexts, such as holiday season.

Access document layouts from customer card:

Specify the template to use for any particular report, in this case sales invoices:

Example of email cover-letter for an invoice:

Office 365 Experience

You can use the Microsoft Outlook add-in to manage business interactions directly in Outlook. You can quickly access financial information, and create and send documents without leaving Outlook.

You can automatically synchronize customer and service item records with Microsoft Bookings in Office 365, viewing financial information about a customer, and creating and sending invoices directly from a Bookings appointment.

You can also create a data connection from Microsoft Excel directly to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data, and be able to view, edit, and update the data.


  • Save time. Avoid switching between applications. Create and send documents to your business contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Bookings. Access all your financial data with all the charting and data analytics functionality of Microsoft Excel
  • Stay informed. Quickly access all your financial data or information about your contacts and customers directly from Microsoft Bookings, Excel, or Outlook. You can modify your data directly in Excel, and push changes back into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database
  • Increase accuracy. Remove manual steps by automatically synchronizing customers and service items with Microsoft Bookings. Ensure the integrity of your data with validations on import from Excel

Integration with Power BI

You can use embedded Power BI to easily create insightful charts and reports using Power BI, and make them available within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 role center.

Leverage the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Power BI Content Pack to get started, and utilize existing Power BI security to manage reports.


  • Secure. Manage both the creating and viewing of the reports using security. Users can only create reports for data sets that they have security access to within Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. Only users that have access to the finished reports may view them
  • Fast implementation. Get started quickly by using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV content pack. The content pack provides samples reports that you can use in both the demo or production environment. You can also make edits to the content pack that we provide
  • Everywhere reporting. Any report that is created in Power BI may be made visible on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 role centers. This enables users to get the information they need to perform their job right from within their role center

Simplified CRM for Mobile Devices

You can work more effectively with Relationship Management from your phone, taking advantage of enhancements to the Sales and Relationship Management Role Center. A simplified CRM includes contact management, interactions, and sales opportunities. You can also use improved interactions logging from your phone, logging email messages using Office 365.


  • Improved phone experience. Work successfully on your mobile, following up sales opportunities and interactions, and using straightforward processes
  • Simplified interface. Gain a clear overview working with contacts, opportunities, and interactions, and a dedicated Role Center
  • Web client capability. Manage your customer relationships effectively with more scenarios supported on the Web Client

Simplified Setup

You can use the assisted setup feature to guide you through setup scenarios, simplifying and streamlining the setup of selected areas. For example, you can:

  • Setup the application with as little user interaction as possible.
  • Use a predefined set of data to quickly set up main features.
  • Use the new Assisted Company Setup wizard to enhance first-time experiences.


  • A repeatable setup experience. Use assisted setup and a predefined set of data to quickly implement repeatable solutions and follow fewer manual setup steps
  • Streamlined User Setup. Easily create users, with improved compatibility between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365. New users are automatically created with user groups & permission sets, integrated with Office 365
  • Assisted guidance. Follow wizards to set up workflows for approvals, set the fiscal year, or set up US sales tax
  • Automated steps. Use deployment and PowerShell scripts to create a new company and add default setup data

Monitor your progress

The Role Center highlights your progress and enables you to focus on specific areas:

Finance, Account Categories

You can use account categories to map your chart of accounts to a set of predefined categories. Easy to use and easy to understand, account categories support financial reports. Use the default set of account categories, and create categories to fit your business needs.

You can automatically update account schedules when you update your account category mapping.


  • Get started quickly. Work with your financial reports immediately, with no set up required, using the default chart of accounts that is mapped to the categories
  • Easy to understand. Quickly recognize the categories that use terms such as assets, liabilities, and expenses. Account subcategories, such as cash, payroll liabilities, and advertising expenses, provide additional detail for your chart of accounts
  • Easy to personalize. Modify the default set of categories, or create your own to meet your business needs
  • Ready to use reports. Easily relate to your financial reports because account categories are used in the architecture of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and retained earnings statement

Financial Reports

You can use Financial Reports to quickly view financial performance. The new default Account Schedules means that no set up is required, making it quick and intuitive to produce the financial reports that you need, including:

  • Balance Sheet.
  • Income Statement.
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Retained Earnings Statement.

Simplified Jobs

You can enjoy a streamlined experience in Jobs, to help you manage your projects better. Use the new Jobs setup wizard to set up jobs, enter time sheets, and Job Journals more easily, and use the updated Project Manager role center to quickly access common tasks, new charts, and a new My Jobs list.

On the Job Card, you can see tasks, use the new Project Manager field, and get better visibility into the costs and billings for your jobs.

A new Job Quote report enables you to quickly email a customer the price for a project.


  • Simplified experience. Easily manage job tasks on the streamlined Job Card, and see essential columns by default on the Planning lines
  • Visibility into details. Quickly see the profitability of your job in the Project Manager role center and use fact boxes with cost and billing information on the job card
  • Easier navigation. Quick access to creating a job, entering a job journal, and creating a job sales invoice
  • Create new job wizard. Allows creating new jobs using others as templates or brand new jobs in a few easy clicks
  • New report. Email a new job quote report to your customers so they have a record of the estimate of the job

Item Attributes

You can use item attributes to add custom data, such as color, country of manufacture, size, or product dimensions, to applicable items, supplementing built-in global item fields.

You can define your own type of attribute options, including list, text, integer, and decimal, along with unit of measure for the two latter numeric types. Attribute names and option list entries can also be translated to support multiple language requirements. You can also block attributes or attribute option values from being used in the future, for example, if they are no longer applicable.

When you add items to sales and purchase documents, or just organize your items, you can view and filter on the attribute values to limit the list of items to choose from or take action on.


  • Custom attributes. Manage items by creating custom item attributes that capture data about your items and help you pick your items. Add translations to attribute names and list options to support different languages
  • Add data. Gain information by assigning attributes per item and providing values for the attributes
  • Enhanced organization. Save time by filtering on attribute values when adding items to sales and purchase documents, or organizing your items, limiting the list of items to choose from or take action on
  • Web store integration. Reuse item attributes in web store integrations, driving the data on items in the shop, and ensuring a single source and alignment with attributes in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients

View and edit attributes:

Edit attribute:

Watch attributes while browsing items:

Filter items using item attributes:

Payment Service and PayPal Payments via Hyperlink

You can insert hyperlinks to online payment services into your invoices, providing your customers with a more efficient way to pay an invoice online.

You can also install the PayPal integration extension. This creates links in invoices to PayPal Standards online payment. PayPal offers a trustworthy global payment service with multiple ways of accepting payments, including credit card processing and PayPal accounts.


  • Help getting paid faster. Insert links to common payment services in invoices, making it easier for your customers to pay
  • Use PayPal standards. Provide PayPal Standards payment links in invoices, supporting multiple ways of accepting payments, including credit cards, and PayPal accounts
  • Flexible per invoice settings. Specify payment services per invoice, or use default settings for all invoices. You can even add a payment service link after an invoice has been posted
  • Support for custom layouts. Decide where you want the payment service links to appear in your invoice layout. Out-of-the-box built-in RDCL and Word invoice layouts include payment service links

Example of electronic invoice with PayPal Link to pay invoice with:

Cortana intelligence

You can use the Sales and Inventory Forecast extension to get deep insights about potential sales and a clear overview of expected stock-outs.

The built-in Cortana Intelligence leverages historical data and helps you manage your stock and respond to your customers. Based on the forecast, the Sales and Inventory extension helps create replenishment requests for vendors and saves you time.

Furthermore, Partners can help customers find business-critical information hidden in their database using the Time Series Library generic API, which enables Microsoft Dynamics NAV developers to create their own functionality and bring machine learning to their solutions.


  • Predicts potential sales. Manage your business effectively using the potential sales predictions from historical data
  • Overview of expected stock-outs. Gain a clear overview of expected stock-outs, based on current inventory and predicted sales
  • Best choice. Get the best predictions, because the system uses different machine learning algorithms and compares the results, returning the predictions with the highest quality
  • Transparency. View the accuracy of each prediction and specify the quality you want, excluding the predictions that do not meet your specifications

Example, forecasting sales:

Sales Forecast entered into Purchase Order:

Other improved features

There are features that existed in NAV 2016 that have been improved:

  • OCR. You can extract lines of an invoice as part of OCR and you can visually verify the information, training the OCR system online, using the Lexmark invoice capture service.

    OCR is very valuable for repeated invoices and helps you track the items that you get in. If you call items something different in your system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to cross-reference for items, according to vendors, so you can create the correct lines in your system, knowing what the items should be. You can map to an existing vendor or create a new vendor, using as much of the captured information as possible.

  • Extensions. You can use many more features to build extensions. There are additional object types and support for .NET add-ins and you can now include starting table data, published web services, custom report layouts, and language files. You can take advantage of several new upgrade functions and use debugging and code coverage on extension objects.

    An extension can be published to an environment using an Azure SQL Database, and you can use the new Extension Management page to easily view, install and uninstall published extensions

If you like to know more about Dynamics NAV 2017, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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