Deferrals in Dynamics NAV 2016

3/9/2016 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

One of the new Financial Management features in NAV 2016 is automation of deferring revenue and expenses. You start by creating Deferral Templates in NAV.

The template above is used to defer revenue for 6 month with equal amounts in each month starting on the first of the month based on the posting date of the document you are entering. As you can see there are ways to tailor the deferral to accomplish different results. You can define as many templates as you like.

In order to set up the deferral, all you need to do is to specify it on the sales line or purchase line of the document you are entering (like sales/purchase invoices).

In the image above you see that we entered the Deferral Code using the template we defined earlier. If we click Line, Deferral Schedule, you will see the following page.

NAV has created the schedule based on the template we used. You can customize the schedule as you like or leave it as it is. Below is a Posting Preview of the invoice (also one of the new features of NAV 2016).

Notice how NAV 2016 has posted all the entries needed for the deferral. If we had to do this manually that would have been a lot of work so the new deferral feature can be a real time saver if you use revenue or expense deferrals often.

If you like to know more about Deferrals in NAV 2016 or any other features, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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