What's new in Dynamics NAV 2016?

10/5/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

What new in Dynamics NAV 2016?

Dynamics NAV 2016 has several technical upgrades and some very interesting new features in the business application.

Works natively with Microsoft CRM

Dynamics NAV 2016 ships with a new, direct integration with Dynamics CRM that enables an optimal, seamless experience for users that want to utilize Dynamics CRM in their lead-to-customer process and use Dynamics NAV for order processing and financials.

Works natively with Azure SQL

It is now possible to configure Dynamics NAV 2016 to use the Azure SQL as a database-as-a-service, eliminating maintenance by hosting the database in the cloud.

Extensions is a new way to customize Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces extensions that is a new way to extend and customize Dynamics NAV without modifying the source code. Extension can be installed, upgraded, and uninstalled eliminating the task of code merging.

Events are introduced in Dynamics NAV

The concepts of events in Dynamics NAV is inspired by .NET events. C/AL code now supports declaring, raising, and subscribing to events. This allows developers to eliminate writing trigger code that changes the source code and instead subscribe and respond to events outside of the standard Dynamics NAV code.

Test automation suite

When new business logic is developed it needs to be tested. Dynamics NAV includes a suite of tests for partners’ solutions and customer implementation that can reduce and even eliminate manual testing.

Universal App on all your devices

Dynamics NAV 2016 ships with the Universal App that is a single app that will run on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers. Currently the App is provided for Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The Universal App delivers the role-tailored experience in fast and fluid interface that is optimized for touch, keyboard, and mouse. The Universal App also adds support for camera and location.

Web client enhancements

The web client in Dynamics NAV 2016 has undergone a major overhaul to make it as feature rich as the desktop version of the role-tailored client. It now comes with more than 60 new enhancements like cross-column search, collapsible Fast Tabs, freeze pane, search-as-you-type, language selection, change company, and much more.

Finance enhancements

There are several enhancements in the finance module:

  • Posting Preview that allows the user to, prior to posting, view the impact that posting the document will have against all affected ledgers.
  • Deferrals that allows the user to automate the process of deferring revenue or expenses over a predefined schedule.
  • Email enhancements that will allow different email addresses depending what document is being emailed.
  • Support of Positive Pay.
  • Document totals for sales orders and purchase orders.

Document Management and OCR

It is now possible to capture, store, and find incoming documents using document capture and OCR service, creating purchase invoice, and general journal line drafts automatically.

Workflows and approvals

Workflows is a way to build business processes inside Dynamics NAV 2016 and setup approvals for almost everything.

Integration with Microsoft Power BI

Connect Power BI to your Dynamics NAV 2016 and immediately have access to business performance insights into you business.

If you like to learn more about Dynamics NAV 2016 or see a demonstration of all the new features, please don't hesitate to contact us


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