Configuration Templates in Dynamics NAV 2015

7/9/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

Configuration Templates in Dynamics NAV 2015

If you are creating customers, vendors, items, or other master records in NAV, you know how it can be tedious to add all the information to something like posting groups, payment terms, etc. and even worse, you could miss a field causing NAV to give errors when your colleagues are entering orders or other documents. NAV 2015 has a great feature that allows you to set up templates that can be applied later when you are entering new master data into NAV.

Setting up a template

The templates are located at Department > Administration > Application Setup > Rapid Start Services > Configuration Templates (you can also just quick search for Configuration Templates).

Let’s review one of the templates (CUST03):

The header contains information about the Table ID, which is 18 meaning that this is the customer table. If you create a new template you just have to select the correct table for the master table you want to make a template for.

Next we need to setup the fields and their values. You can see that quite a few fields have been created here and will default in to the customer record, once the template is applied.

Using a template

In order to apply the template to a new customer, go to the customer list and create a new customer. Click on the Apply Template button and select the template you like to use.

Once the template is applied all the fields in the template are updated on the customer.

Using templates can save time during data entry and avoid pesky errors later down the road. If you need to learn more about Configuration Templates please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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