How to export and import companies in Dynamics NAV 2015

6/24/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

How to export and import companies in Dynamics NAV 2015

If you have been working with the classic client, you would remember that you could backup and restore companies from one database to another or back into the existing company in order to create a test. When Microsoft released version 2013 the ability to backup and restore companies disappeared making it very difficult to export and import companies to a different database or to create a test company.

If you need to make a test company in NAV 2015, please refer to this blog post How to create a test Company in NAV 2015.

In NAV 2015 the features are back to create separate exports of companies and import them back in and it’s all handled in the RoleTailored Client. The features are called Export to a Data File and Import from a Data File and can be found under Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General.

Exporting company to file

Here the Export page is shown:

You can enter a Description to explain what it is that you are exporting. That can be helpful if you later want to import one of many exports. The All Companies means that, if checked, all companies will be exported into the same file. Global Data refers to data that is shared between all companies like, Report List, User IDs, Printer Selection, but not any of the business data. Application Data refers to Permissions, Profiles, etc. and is normally never checked unless you like to make a complete copy of the entire database. Application refers to exporting all the objects in the database and is similar to creating an FOB file from the development environment.

If you like to make a complete export of the entire database with all companies and all code and application areas, you will need to check all the fields in the export dialog.

In the dialog above there is only one checkbox checked and that will export The CRONUS USA, Inc. company. Click OK and type in the name of the export file and click OK.

NAV 2015 will now display a progress dialog:

Once done NAV will let you know that the export was successful:

Importing company from a file

Select the menu Import from a Data File and select the file you want to import. Here the file from above is selected.

Click OK and after a while the company is imported.

You can use the export/import feature to make a copy of a company and import into a different database or you can move several companies like that. You can also make a complete export of your database and import it back in a different database or simply to make a backup that is saved away.


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