How to make a Test Company in Dynamics NAV 2015

6/22/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

How to make a Test Company in Dynamics NAV 2015

In previous versions of NAV, creating a test company involved making a backup of a company, renaming the company in the database, and finally restoring the backup back into the database. If the company had a lot of data, that could be a time consuming process and while the company was being renamed, users could not work in the company. In NAV 2013 there was no easy way to even make a test company, probably because Microsoft “forgot” to include this feature in RTC (before it was done from the classic client).

In NAV 2015 creating a copy of a company couldn’t be easier. It involves picking a company and tell NAV to make a copy. That’s it.

The task to making a copy of a company can be found under Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General. Click on companies.

Once clicked you will see all the companies that currently are in the database you are connected to. Select the company you like to copy and click on the Copy button under actions:

Type in the new name of the copy. Here TEST is added in front of the old name.

After NAV is done making the copy the result is shown to you:

Be careful not to delete a company record by accident, because it will delete the company with all the data inside of it!

If you need to export a company into a different database, please refer to this blog post How to export and import companies in Dynamics NAV 2015.


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