Cash Flow Management in Dynamics NAV 2015

6/19/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

Cash Flow Management in Dynamics NAV 2015

One of the exciting features of NAV 2015 is the cash flow management system. Until recently the only way you could build a cash flow statement was to use the account schedules and it would not take into consideration outstanding sales order, purchase orders, services orders, recurring income, and expenses etc. With the cash flow management system in NAV 2015 it is possible to take all NAV modules into consideration when calculating the cash flow forecasts.

The areas that can be included in calculating the cash flow are:

  • Liquid funds
  • Receivables
  • Sales Orders
  • Service Orders
  • Fixed Assets Disposal
  • Manual Revenues (recurring)
  • Payable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Fixed Assets Budget
  • Manual Expenses (recurring)
  • G/L Budgets

One of the issues with many cash flow statements in regards to receivables is that your customers just don’t pay on time all the time. So basing the cash flow on the due date is not always the best choice. NAV allows you to use special payment terms for your cash flows instead of the regular terms you give your customers. The same feature is also available for payables.

Here is an example of the general setup of a cash flow forecast:

On the right you see how NAV has calculated the cash flow from the different areas of NAV. Note that not all areas were selected for this cash flow and those will show a zero balance. All numbers can be drilled down on, to see what they comprise of.

As soon as everything has been set up the cash flow statement can be shown on the Role Center as a chart. There are a quite a few parameters that can be adjusted, like Start Date, Period Length, and Grouping to mention a few.

You can click on the individual boxes in the chart and get additional information like what the actual amount is (like what's shown above for the manual expense for Sep 2016).

If you want to monitor your cash flow Dynamics NAV 2015 can help you tremendously giving you instant feedback using your present and future cash positions. If you would like to see how NAV 2015 can help your cash flow contact us for more information.


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