Dynamics NAV 2015 Tablet Version

6/15/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

Run Dynamics NAV 2015 on your Tablet

In Dynamics NAV 2015 the tablet version was introduced. The tablet version allows you to access NAV using a tablet like an iPad, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus or a Samsung Galaxy Tab to mention just a few tablets.

The tablet connects to Dynamics NAV via the Service Tier, which means that the access to NAV is very fast and just as secure as if you had connected on your internal network. The tablet version is not making use of the full Role Tailored Client that you might be used to, but most of the functionality is still available. The only menu that’s missing is the Department menu that gives you access to everything in NAV. It will give you access to pretty much everything else you are used to in your Role Center and if your IT staff or consultant add new functionality to your Role Center it also gets added to you tablet.

Below you will find a few screenshots from the Tablet version of Dynamics NAV 2015. If you like to have the tablet version demonstrated, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dynamics NAV Tablet Role Center

Sales Order List on Tablet

Sales Order on Tablet

Customer Card on Tablet


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