Fully-integrated Business Management Solutions

Choosing a business management solution is never easy. You need a fully-integrated system, want it to fit the way you do business, and hope it is tailored to your specific needs. That is why SimCrest endeavors to satisfy individual needs with the most customizable solution- Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

SimCrest Products Offerings

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution that helps you simplify and streamline your highly specialized business processes, rapidly adapting to the unique way you do business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you and your people with industry-specific functionality that's relevant to the local needs of your regions of operation, even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials is a cloud based solution that pulls systems and processes together to manage financials, sales, service, and operations. Connect with third party applications like payroll, banking, CRM, or indutryspecific systems. Dynamics 365 for Financials is an application delivered only through the cloud. It is designed primarily for businesses with 10-99 employees that do not have deep industry/vertical needs.

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SimCrest add-on products expand the functionality of the Dynamics NAV Product Suite and help you enjoy a more simple and efficient workflow.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides organizations with technologies, tools and practices to help companies market to, sell to and service all aspects of a customer relationship.

Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS is an alternative hosting option for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A PaaS vendor hosts the software and provides end-users the access to web-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Designed for the food bank industry, Ceres is a premier business management solution with full integration to back-office areas. Enjoy your way of doing business with this fully integrated system.

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Our partners provide various solutions targeting different business needs. Below find some of the most requested partner products

Lanham E-Ship

E-Ship allows the user to plan and execute shipping from the time of the sales order through shipping manifest.

E-Ship can drive shipping accuracy to new levels. Users report that their shipping accuracy approaches 100% when using E-Ship. Not only do they know that they shipped the correct items in multiple packages, but they also know which items are in each package, and the tracking numbers for those packages.

By having E-Ship embedded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the user experiences unprecedented functionality and unlimited access to data from inside the business system, a far different experience than having to track information through the ERP system and then various package carriers' systems to understand product and shipping information.

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Lanham EDI

Historically, EDI translation has been handled outside the business system, leaving the final linkage into the business system database to programmers, hard-coded programs, or even manual entry. The Lanham EDI product takes a new approach by incorporating the mapping and cross reference processes inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This delivers a single mapping process between the EDI documents and the business system database, providing a consistent user interface and access to key data from anywhere in the business system.

In addition, Lanham's EDI provides a thorough workflow process, tying the incoming or outgoing EDI document to the associated business transaction inside NAV (ie. invoices with invoices). This allows the user to drill down to the related transaction detail, from either a business document or an EDI document. EDI documents are also housed in a special EDI file cabinet for easy retrieval.

The highly flexible Lanham approach enables customers to either take full control of their EDI services with access to the raw EDI files, have a partner manage their EDI, or rely on Lanham Associates to completely outsource their EDI needs.

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Serenic Payroll and HR

Fullly integrated payroll and Human Resource solution within Dynamics NAV.

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