Customer Usage of Microsoft Dynamics in 2014

4/11/2013 John Stevens Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics offers multiple solutions that not only solve day to day problems within a business, but also help to increase the the productivity, efficiency, and profit of a company! Microsoft Dynamics NAV has proven to be an extremely helpful tool in helping businesses become smarter, faster, and more flexible. The following chart shows an increase of 8,000 customers who have decided to use NAV. Maybe it's time that you jump on board with the other 102,000 customers worldwide, and reap the benefits that Microsoft Dynamics NAV has to offer!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives small and mid-size businesses the power to control all core business processes, ability to perfect supply chain, and insight that helps employees perform their best.

Microsoft Dynamics GP uses flexible functionality that simplifies businesses and improves productivity in order to provide great value to the company.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM automates business processes that result in a reduction of costs and an increase in profit.

Microsoft Dynamics AX focuses on manufacturing, retail, service industries, and public sector. AX includes functions such as financial management, manufacturing, business intelligence and reporting, retail, supply chain management, and human capital management.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is designed to evolve with the company while addressing accounting needs, managing growing customer demand, keeping up with compliance regulations, and reducing operating costs.


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