NAV's Integration with the Microsoft Stack

8/11/2010 John Stevens Dynamics NAV

Most companies use basic platforms such as Windows and Microsoft Office to keep them up and running. Although these fundamental platforms are great for everyday tasks, it is vital that a company implements a business solution in order to be successful. The key to implementing a business solution is that it must integrate seamlessly with the other tools you are using. You want to have the same user experience and be able to understand the solution the same way that you understand how to use the basic platforms. This is where the Microsoft Stack comes in to play.

The Microsoft Stack is created when all of the Microsoft technologies are added together. The foundation of this stack includes Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile, Microsoft Office, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Vista, and Microsoft Office Share Point. Each product within the stack integrates with these foundation platforms to create a user friendly experience. The familiarity within each product allows employees to work more efficiently making them, their bosses, and customers happy. Users are comfortable using more complex products because they run similarly to simpler products such as Windows and Office. Not only is the Microsoft Stack user friendly, but the seamless integration of its products creates value for customers and partners. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a business solution within the stack has proven to be a popular solution for small to mid-size businesses all around the world. This is because NAV’s significant resemblance of Microsoft Office makes it easy to use and allows it to work flawlessly with other platforms.

I will explain in more detail how Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates with products from the foundation of Microsoft Stack.

NAV Integration with Microsoft Outlook

NAV can automatically synchronize contacts and calendars with Outlook, saving employees time and eliminating the possibility of error. When you send an email through NAV, it saves as an interaction with the person receiving the email. The person’s reply email will also be saved into the interaction log in NAV. This makes keeping up with clients easier than ever before.  You can create a “to-do” in NAV which is synched as a task in Outlook as well as on the Outlook calendar. You can then view the corresponding item in Outlook. For more information about the integration of NAV with Microsoft Outlook, click the link below.    

NAV’s Integration with Microsoft Outlook

NAV Integration with Microsoft Office

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to export data directly into Word or Excel to create letters and reports. NAV offers multiple templates that are compatible with Word, which makes sending emails and newsletters easy. These newsletters and emails can be saved in NAV to be used again for follow up purposes. The transition from NAV to Microsoft Office is simple and allows for a focus on preferred customer interaction segments.

NAV Integration with Microsoft SQL Server and Share Point

The integration between NAV and Microsoft SQL Server and Share Point allows for companies to share data and information securely. Employees can work with real time business information directly from NAV. The employee portal gives workers access to work on and share business documents with other employees. The integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BizTalk Server enables companies to respond faster and allows them to improve service making them more attractive to new trading partners.

NAV’s Integration with Microsoft Share Point

NAV Integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server

Microsoft Dynamics NAV was one of the first ERP systems to utilize Microsoft BizTalk Server to develop Commerce Gateway. Commerce Gateway is an application inside NAV that has made sending information to customers and partners easy by automating their interactions. Any information sent through Commerce Gateway is automatically updated in NAV. The automation saves employees the hassle of having to manually enter data which in turn eliminates the possibility of error. The integration between NAV and Microsoft BizTalk Server allows companies to respond faster and increase their data accuracy.

NAV’s integration with all products of the Microsoft Stack empowers employees to work faster and smarter. The great thing is, that no matter what solutions you pick to use, they will all integrate smoothly with your basic platforms. When you pair Dynamics Solutions with core elements of the Microsoft Stack, a powerful business solution is created.  That business solution will not only be effective, but also user friendly because all aspects of it are Microsoft Products

For more information regarding the integration of NAV with the foundation of the Microsoft Stack watch the following demo:     

NAV’s Integration with the Microsoft Stack DEMO





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