Dynamics NAV Job Queue

6/12/2015 Carsten Howitz Dynamics NAV

Automate recurring tasks with Dynamics NAV Job Queue

If you are running Dynamics NAV already, did you know that there is a fantastic tool that allows you to automate recurring task allowing you to free up time to do more important things? NAV’s Job Queue can run reports and code at scheduled times during the day. You may want to have report run each morning, so when you get to work, it’s already on the printer. Or you may want have all your sales people have a sales report vie email every day. NAV’s Job Queue is made exactly for that.

Below you will see an example of Job Queue Entries in Dynamics NAV.

There are two codeunits that are scheduled to run. The first one is code to update the allowed posting dates that users can use. The second entry runs a process that emails out invoices, credit memos, and other documents (read more about Auto Email here). The last entry is a report that is being setup to run on a daily basis.

See below for a closer look at the first entry.

This shows the details of the entry that updates the allowed posting dates. As you can see it’s setup to run on a daily basis at 2 AM. We could also ask to have this code run every X minutes, if we needed something run quite often.

Dynamics NAV’s Job Queue can be a real time saver if set up correctly and can help you avoid spending time on recurring and monotonous tasks. If you would like to learn more about how the Job Queue can save you time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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